In a lot of industrial settings, concrete is a common floor option. However, it is becoming more and more popular in different spaces. This includes beauty salons, retail outlets, restaurants, and much more. So, should you also opt for concrete for your commercial property?  


When it comes to commercial flooring, your two main options are carpet and concrete. So, which one should you pick? Fortunately, we’re here to help. Today, we are going to compare these two materials to know which is better for your commercial property.  

Once you’ve decided on the material, make sure you hire a professional commercial flooring installer Atlanta GA for help. 

Commercial Carpet Styles and Properties 

Commercial carpet can easily accommodate almost any style and design. However, it offers something that concrete lacks. Carpet provides comfort, sound absorption, and warmth. It does not simply look good, carpet also works hard to offer a productive and protective barrier. Other properties to know include: 

  • Carpet Density 

This is the degree of wear and durability that the carpet can handle. 

  • Pile Weight 

This is the amount of material used. If you’re going to use it for your business, you need to choose one with 16-40 ounces per square yard.  

  • Smoke Resistance 

It should have a score of less than 450 in the NBS Smoke Chamber Test 

  • Fire Rating 

It falls under Class I/II protection levels 

Just like residential carpets, commercial carpets come in tile, cut pile, or loop construction. However, when it comes to commercial settings, you need to choose the right carpet to stand up to the standards.  

  • New Fibers 

You should choose carpets that contain nylon, silk, or recycled waste blends. This provides better stain protection, softness, eco-friendliness, and durability.  

  • Nylon 

Nylon is extremely stain-resistant. This is particularly true for high-quality carpets. They can withstand heavy traffic and will last a lot longer.  

It does not matter what material you’re going to choose. One of the most popular types of carpet is carpet tiles. They account for 50-60% of commercial carpeting contract sales. Carpet tiles enable a cheap and fast way to fix damaged sections. It also provides a unique design. It is applicable in any business application. Thus, you should consider this type.  


In general, concrete is installed under traditional flooring. However, most modern commercial properties are lifting up the layers and exposing the bones of the space. This will help them achieve a hip and modern effect. Concrete is generally stained, polished, coated, or sealed. A lot of commercial properties choose concrete since it is: 

  • Low Maintenance 

It requires little-to-no maintenance. You will only have to re-seal concrete once in a while.  

  • Durability 

Concrete can handle heavy foot traffic and equipment 

  • Trendy 

You can stain concrete to achieve a particular aesthetic 

Unfortunately, concrete is noisy, hard, and cold. You should consider these disadvantages whenever you are thinking about the health and comfort of your employees. It can be pretty devastating for your employees to walk around your concrete floor 9 hours a day. Thus, you’ve got to consider this as well.