Sandblasting, which is also recognized as abrasive blasting, is an innovative way to prepare a surface that experts utilize to clean up any foreign materials and surfaces. Other than its cleaning purposes, sandblasting can also be utilized to remove old paint and to prep the surface before smearing a new coat of paint.

Materials suitable for sandblasting

Abrasive blasting can possibly be performed on different types of materials. Below are some of the typical materials suited for sandblasting.

Cast Iron

Over time, the cast-iron railing material’s paint will eventually peel off and chip. To prevent this from occurring, companies that offer surface preparation services utilize the technique of sandblasting. This is a great way to guarantee that your investment is well-protected.


There are a lot of concrete features that could be sandblasted to achieve the expected result. For example, there are times when commercial constructors might prefer to do something with the parking lines and make room for a driveway or parking lot. Sandblasting would be the best way to achieve this.


You can preserve your bricks for a long time as well if you consider sandblasting them. With sandblasting, your bricks will look as if it’s newly installed for a long time.


Similar to cast iron, the wooden surfaces can peel off as well as time passes by. Sandblasting can provide your wooden surface a great finishing, which can help maintain their luster.


Aside from just cleaning any surface, sandblasting can also be utilized to remove surface paint. This can be handy once you aren’t planning to repaint your surface.

The method of sandblasting could be utilized in metal profiling. This way, the surface can preserve its luster.


Know that sandblasting has its fair share of cons as well and it is great to weigh both its advantages and disadvantages before you try to decide on something.

The blasted materials could be damaged if not taken care of properly after the sandblasting procedure.

Sandblasting can drive extremely abrasive materials that can produce static heat and electricity. Once it is not controlled properly, there is a chance that fire could break out.

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